Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfect Town

After weeks of hard work, NewArbor has finally achieved Perfect town status! It is a very appropriate day to get it too, I might add, because today, my town tree finally grew big enough to sit on the brickwork and see the history of my town! To celebrate, I have decided to create a mini guide to achieving perfect town status.

Perfect Town Mini Guide

Getting a perfect town in New Leaf is a lot harder than in previous games. In the older games like City Folk, you needed a certain number of perfect "acres" -- a 16x16 patch of land -- in order to achieve perfect town status. Within those acres, you had to have a specific number of trees and flowers. 

In New Leaf, however, the acre system is gone. The entire town is now measured as one big unit, instead of having many tiny units. Flowers and trees throughout the town tally towards one number, instead of each acre's number. Also new to this game are the Public Works Project Requirements, and factoring in the number of residents in your town.

I'll lay out some quick things to keep in mind here:

  • Flowers - In order to achieve a perfect town, you need to have tons of flowers. Most guides say around 75, but I have more towards 200.
  • Trees - You should have over 110 trees in your town. I would suggest have more than that, even if you are tight on space. The best places to really pack in the trees are along the cliffs on your beaches (palm trees only) and along the fence separating you from the railroad. Remember to plant trees in a manner that they won't obstruct your view of important things like the river. Three spaces away is the most space-efficient. 



__ = riverbank
o = empty space
x = tree

  • Public Works Projects - You should have over ten Public Works Projects. The amount  of points for each project varies, so over ten is the safest number. Some people have achieved perfect town status with only 8 though.
  • Villagers - Ten villagers works best.
  • Items, Trash, Etc. - You shouldn't have anything on the ground except for patterns. 
That pretty much sums up the basics. What can sometimes be even harder than getting a perfect town, however, is maintaining it. I would suggest having the Beautiful Town Ordinance in place. It makes upkeep so much easier because you don't have to hunt for weeds or water dead flowers everyday.

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