Friday, July 26, 2013

Store Upgrade, Silver Watering Can and My Town Tour Part One

Store Upgrade and Silver Watering Can

My Nooklings' store finally upgrade to TIY! After a quick stop in the Nooklings' side of the store, I popped over to Leif's side to buy my flowers and sapling for the day and to see what changes were made. After purchasing my flowers, I was (finally) presented with my new silver watering can! (Which means I could have gotten it yesterday if they weren't closed for renovations! :( )
About 25 more days to go until I get the Golden Axe!

Me with my new silver watering can.
Using my new watering can.
The silver watering can make watering all of my hybrids much less tedious. I was done in about five minutes today!

Town Tour Part One

Today also starts part one of my Town Tour! Over the next couple of posts, I will be taking you on a tour of my town with pictures. 

To start off, here is a map of my town:

For part one of the tour, I will be showing you my hybrid gardens. 

Blue roses

My other hybrid roses.

My hybrid tulips.

Hybrid pansies

Red carnations

Hybrid lilies

Hybrid cosmos

Coming Soon: Part Two of My Town Tour

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