Saturday, September 21, 2013


You might remember that in my last NewArbor News Update, I discussed my excitement over Cheri moving out so that I could build my cafe. Her moving out left NewArbor with only nine villagers, which meant an opportunity to snag my dream villager: Moe!

I checked the Bell Tree Forums' Villager Trading Plaza frequently. After about a week of searching, I finally found someone willing to part with him (with a little bell incentive, of course!). I went to their town, and convinced Moe that moving to NewArbor would be the best decision he could ever make. He had a plot of land picked out for his house the next day, and moved in the day after. I haven't stopped stalking talking to him since he arrived.

Moe may seem like an unusual dream villager in comparison to the more common ones like Whitney, Tangy, etc., but I have loved him since City Folk. He was the first villager I spoke to in the game, and was my best friend until he suddenly decided to pack his bags and leave after two spectacular years in my town. I have been trying to get him on every Animal Crossing game that I own since that day.

Who are your dream villagers, and why? 

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